Well all the dieting paid off!
I lost 6lb this week & im still going strong :)

Got a gig 2moz at scallywags  @ fantasy island
so i'm just at Pauls staying the night.
He's brought some new led par cans for our show so hes programming all those in it takes forever!!

I havent told you about Paul yet.
Well hes my ex boyfriend & the guy i sing with.
I left him  regret it now i still love him loads
but i think ive blown it now. He says he doesnt want a girlfriend :(
And yes it can be hard working with an ex infact its veryy hard because i still have feelings for him!

Anyway im sat on settee with Paul dog Coco watching the Bill then lost in austen
then desprate housewives i cant wait!!!!

Oh i made some more cookies today smartie ones they looked fab!!!