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Right so last night me & Paul went to Mansfield to watch a duo
that apprently everyone raves about!
And i must say they both have great voices & their banter is great,
they really know how to take the piss out of people lol
But their song choice wasn't good
& i think that was their downfall.

So after watching their first half, we decided to go & watch another duo
our friends Brotherhood.
They were at Kirkby in Ashfield & as usual they had the place rocking!
What more can i say?

I didnt get back to my house till half 12 i had to pick my sister up then drive home.
Yes i passed my driving test 9 days ago & I love driving lol
No getting buses or asking for lifts it's great!!

Sooo it was nice to have a friday night off, but that only means back to work tonight!

Our gigs at Birmingham tonight & we've never been to this venue before,
The up side of it is we only have to do an hour!!

Soo might be an early night for me yay!!!!

i have a mate who is up in birmingham atm maybe you guys might cross paths at some point :P
yeah how good is it to pass?! was that your first time? I failed my first one...but that was because of nerves then the second time i was just like 'stuff it' lol
well have fun with your gig tonight!
It was my first time yeah and i only got 4 minors!! I was shocked because i thought that i had failed but how wrong was i!!! lol
Well done on passing your test. It took me until I was 26 to finally get round to doing it, mainly through never having enough money to pay for all the lessons!

I love driving, still do. Just don't be silly like I was and write-off your first car in a silly single-vehicle accident. - I tried taking a corner a bit too fast in the wet and ended up in a concrete wall!
Haha no i won't right my car off but i have alredy gone thru red lights but i don't think they had cameras on, well i hope they didn't lol x